Pristine Doges for Sale

Currently there are 8 / 1600 pristines for sale. Always double check on THE DOGE POUND website before buying.

Since early September 2021 every "The Doge Pound" NFT has been able to mint a free puppy at Most of the doge puppies have been minted and can be seen there. The OGs are the original 10'000 Doge NFTs. The Pristines are the OGs that have not minted their puppies yet. The supply of Pristines can only go down over time.

  • When you own a Pristine you have the leisure of minting your pup when you like, or never. If there ever comes a time when having an OG + minted pup exceeds the value of having a Pristine, you can decide to mint at your leisure and take advantage of those benefits.
  • For purposes of qualifying for promo drops, staking, etc. Pristines count as an OG + a puppy. So you will not need to buy both separately.
  • Many people buy Pristines in hopes of minting a rare puppy.
  • The floor price for a Pristine is usually higher than the price of a floor OG + floor pup - meaning Pristines generally retain their value better than OG + pup.
  • The developers have hinted that they may do special promotions to reward Pristine holders in the future.

DOGGY #5291
rarity rank: 6620
OS price: 0.059728 ETH

DOGGY #6846
rarity rank: 8694
OS price: 0.07395 ETH

DOGGY #5799
rarity rank: 475
OS price: 0.079 ETH

DOGGY #7078
rarity rank: 1955
OS price: 0.11 ETH

DOGGY #7420
rarity rank: 7344
OS price: 0.95 ETH

DOGGY #1591
rarity rank: 211
OS price: 1 ETH

DOGGY #8182
rarity rank: 7941
OS price: 1.423 ETH

DOGGY #9187
rarity rank: 2682
OS price: 2 ETH

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Total number of pristines: 1600

Number of pristines in top 10 ranked doges: 2

Number of pristines in top 500 ranked doges: 88

Number of pristines in top 1000 ranked doges: 170

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